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Monday, February 22, 2016

Dominique Mearns Couture II

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Remember this post when I told you I found the perfect dress for an upcoming event I am attending? Well today I wanna show you more of their beautiful designs and to talk about very important subject.

Dominique Mearns Couture is all about ''women helping women''. Dominique and her team are comitted to helping women in underprivileged Thai communities so that these women are not destined to a life of poverty and prostitution. To make a contribution to help break this tragic cycle they help develop the education and skills of these women. 

Also DMC is working with a Thai Christian business to enable them to support social causes in Thailand - to help orphans, under-privileged students, aged, HIV patients, and women at risk. As a customer of Dominique Mearns Couture, you help support all these great causes and that really makes a difference between DMC and any other brand. 

These are all the reasons why I fell in love with this incredible brand and I am not the only one. DMC is loved by Vogue, E! News, Royalty, Stylewars UK etc. How can you not love these dresses when they look like they belong in a fairytale?

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