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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Links I Love


Vikend je idealno vreme za odmor, izležavanje u fotelji uz šolju kafe ili činiju kokica, sa laptopom i spiskom omiljenih sajtova i blogova. Sledi moj spisak najzanimljivijih tema u proteklom periodu. Uživajte!

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Weekend is the perfect time to rest, lying in a chair with a cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn with a laptop and a list of your favorite sites and blogs. Here is my list of the most interesting topics in the past few days. Enjoy!

2. Get fit with this 11 Abs and Butt Workout Plan

3. The Perfect Pasta Recipe because we only have one life

5. I absolutely support this Polish non profit organization initiative Shelter dogs instead of women on the cover of a magazine

7. Need these beauties in my life



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  2. Thanks for sharing these intersting links with us!
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